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Janus Vim and That Whole Command-T Thing

A Minor Note

So, remember that long blog post I wrote around Christmas about using the Janus project to get a default set of Vim plugins up and running quickly, and about how I’d had some problems integrating it with RVM?

It turns out, as of the 10th of January, that won’t be much of a problem anymore. Yehuda and Carl announced that they’ve re-written Janus, to make it much easier to extend and configure, and they’ve also removed the Command-T plugin with the Ruby dependency that was causing me so many problems.

If you installed the project after January 10th, then you have the latest version and any problems should be reported on the issue tracker.

If you installed before then, follow the appropriate set of instructions on the project page.

I love the open web – don’t forget that bug reporting is a useful way to give back. And if you’re still having trouble with RVM, they’ve got some suggestions on the Wiki.